Casa per Ferie Gravina is a receptive structure affiliated to CTG.
The Centro Turistico Giovanile (Tourist Youth Centre) is a no profit National Association which, focusing on the Christian conception of man and life, provides educational instruments for people’s human and cultural growth, thus implementing a program of education and training of the individual, operating within the sector of youth and social tourism, free time, cultural voluntary service and environment.

The association promotes a social tourism that encourages sociability of people, enhancing their relationships, their togetherness and meet, as a way to achieve greater social integration.

The Tourist Youth Centre educates people about a conscious tourism that strengthens both people practising it and people who support it with receptive activities. In fact, it allows to meet new people, to discover, know and respect culture, art, history, nature, traditions and habits of different people, lives and environments. It creates opportunities for a constructive dialogue and peaceful relationships.
The social tourism was born out of an ethical imperative, that of ensuring the right to tourism to everyone.

The association aims at promoting a “tourism for all”, thus organizing trips abroad or all around Italy, holidays in mountains , by the sea and for ski, excursions, trekking activities, bicycle tours, hospitality services, national and international meeting. The CTG centres are meeting places which offer people the possibility for their ideal holiday, studied on the basis of their specific and personal requirements and needs.

Guests are not simply “customers”; they are considered as friends to spend a lovely time with, a time made of communication, human enrichment and growth, happiness. The CTG centres welcome their guests very warmly , offering a pleasant stay and proposing a series of activities with the aim of making them feel more comfortable .
Casa per Ferie Gravina is a new and very big receptive structure.

It has 38 rooms divided into three categories, all endowed of a private bathroom and TV. The structure has also a big restaurant reserved only to the structure guests; a conference room with all the necessary services and facilities, a conference /meeting hall, an outdoor amphitheater for conferences, meeting, shows, events, etc ( with catering services), five aside football grounds, a basket and a volleyball court.